About us

About us

Bailha's Concept 

We create a conscious and sustainable style.

Made from natural, organic or recycled materials.

Embroidered by hand. Each piece is unique.

With embroidery techniques rooted in the 19th century, passed down through generations.

A Madeiran tradition reinvented.

Our Team

Sara de Sousa


84 years old, from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

She has been embroidering for as long as he can remember and has over 75 years of experience in this craft, which was passed down to him by his mother.

When living in Caracas for 50 years, she never stopped embroidering Madeiran themes. Today, in Madeira, she delights in embroidering the detailed Vilhões da Madeira.

She is the master of Bailha, who has passed on values, stories and techniques so well, when there are few people who still master the art of embroidery. 

Helena da Silva


63 years old, from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

Desde muito pequena tem aprendido várias técnicas de bordado, como o ponto de cruz, ou o ponto de Arraiolos, mas foi recentemente que aprendeu a bordar a técnica usada para os Vilhões com a Sra. Sara.

Viveu na Madeira grande parte da sua vida e 10 anos no Canadá. De volta à ilha passa os dias a cuidar das suas inúmeras plantas e a criar as frutas, flores e animais da Bailha. A sua versatibilidade e talento para bordar novos motivos fazem da Bailha um projeto ainda mais rico.

Dorina Pita


57 years old, from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

She was still very young when her mother taught her how to embroider the simplest stitches, such as "corda" or "garanito". At the age of 10 she left school and started working as an embroiderer at home, a situation that was still very common in the 70s and 80s.

She later worked in two embroidery factories for 19 years, where she learnt how to produce and handle the whole embroidery process.

Today, she continues to embroider at home for various purposes, and more recently she has been contributing with her great talent to Bailha.

David Oliveira


29 years old, from Estreito de Câmara de Lobos

As a child, he grew up watching his mother and grandmother embroider a variety of fascinating patterns and motifs that motivated him to start Bailha in 2021. He has lived in Porto and Oslo, where he graduated in architecture, and his contact with other realities made him aware of the value of Madeira's natural and cultural heritage.

He is currently working on the application for Madeira's Levadas to be included on UNESCO's World Heritage List. At Bailha, he devotes his time designing the embroidery, leading the team of embroiderers and developing the project.

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